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Adventure Awaits

Our original BikeBox was developed for air travel out of the need for a strong, lightweight, waterproof but inexpensive box, which leaves space in the garage for all the other toys.

This original BikeBox, designed for AirTravel, won the EuroBike Start-Up Award and has since been used to take 100s of bikes on holidays around the globe. 

The advantage of our reusable packaging solution over other BikeBoxes on the market: 
BikeBox is lightweight, robust, economical and it folds to a size that can even be transported in a  small vehicle (including a Smart) or stored below your bed.


The box weighs under 6 kgs - that means there is 17kg of packing weight before reaching average airline limits! With this BikeBox overweight fees at check-in are a thing of the past.


The size of the BikeBox - when assembled - has an AXIS approved size of 140 x 80 x 30cm which is within the regulations for Sports equipment allowance for most airlines without incurring oversize fees.

Once arrived at the destination, the BikeBox folds into itself measuring a mere 83 x 80 x 7cm, and uses 80% less storage space than an average hardcover case.

our BIKE BOX...

... is the answer to bicycle transport

The BikeBox is the ideal travel case to bring your bike safely to any destination in the world – not once but over and over again.

The BikeBox is made in Germany from waterproof TRIPLEX sheeting which makes this box even more durable and resilient and keeps your bike safe during air travel. TRIPLEX is a grey honeycomb structured material - which is strong in all directions


Up to 87%

on brand-new bikes with superior BikeBoxes.
Highly impact-proof and 100% waterproof material

REDUCE TIME – faster packing and unpacking of bikes for transport. 

REDUCE SPACE - not travelling 12 months a year? Our BikeBoxes fold to 1/8th of their size and can be stored in small spaces or below your bed

REDUCE COST - Our BikeBoxes weigh only 6kgs.
No more overweight fees at Check-Inn. 

REDUCE HASSLE - Ever tried to fit a Bike Box in a small rental car? Our BikeBox can be folded and can fit in any small car (including a Smart).

REuse & REduce

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Space matters

Have you ever stored a BikeBox in your home, garage or vehicle? 

Then you will appreciate the award-winning and patented design of our BikeBox. 7 folded BikeBoxes can be stored in the same place as 1 cardboard Box. The BikeBox fits into the boot of small cars. And it can easily disappear in a tight storage or even below your bed. 

Would you prefer to hire a BikeBox rather than purchasing your own?

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