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the sustainable logistic solution
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circular bike logistics - PROMO Video
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circular logistics makes bike transport  80% more sustainable,
without big changes
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The folding mechanism folds the box to 1/8th of its size, which enables the box to be sent in a continous cycle to be reused.

Say goodbye to
cardboard waste


The material "Polypropylen" is so durable that we can reuse and reuse the box multiply times rather than producing a new box for every single delivery.


Polypropylen can be 100% recycled after its lifecycle. And because it's made out of one piece, not a single little piece can get lost.

 It's very easy to implement
without many changes

Same procedure as with cardboard boxes

You receive the boxes, assemble them and pack the bikes.

Fast folding time

The easy and intuitive assembly process is easy to master.

We take care of the return

Once the bike has arrived at its destination, we take care of the return.

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and others have made the change!
Choose the easiest way to start

Get your own boxes

You can buy the amount of boxes you want to use and implement them into your individual logistic system.

Use our service

We give you as many boxes to use as you need. After you sent out the bike we take over and return those boxes for you.

Get in touch with us and
start standing out with the lowest CO2 emissions
the bikebox


It's made out of Polypropylen. Material is super resistant to impact or penetration and is waterproof.

Cost efficient

Reduce upfront investment costs with "pay-per-use" option and save on single-use packaging taxes.


The Polypropylen box will be recycled to 100% and made into new boxes. 

Different sizes

Depending on the kind of bike you want to transport, we have 5 different sizes in which you can send bikes fully assembled or with the front wheel out.

Kids bikes to fully assembled E-Bikes

Get a free consultancy call to find out how you can reduce costs and CO2.
How it works
Our circular system


The sender assembles the bike in our bikebox, which is designed to be durable and secure, ensuring that your bikes arrive safely to its destination.

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Once the box has been returned, it is then made available for the next delivery to use, creating a closed-loop system that minimizes waste and maximizes efficiency. This system is faster and more efficient than traditional delivery methods, reducing delivery times and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Sending the bike

Once your bike is packed into one of our tracked BikeBoxes you use your own transport logistics to take the bike to its destination. 
Circular logistics provides the return label that the receiver applies to the box for the automated return journey. 

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Once the bike is unpacked, the receiver can fold the BikeBox in a few easy steps. With a girth size <300cm, the parcel can be returned to the sender by any nearby parcel service or handed over to the next delivery partner.

Our impact
Sustainable logistics

With this system we save 80% CO2

and are committed to transform the whole bike industry.

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Single use


5 cycles


10 cycles


30 cycles


After 30 cycles 

the box leaves the cycle




by us

& gets back into the cycle

to start again

Feel free to arrange a call to discuss how we can reduce your costs and CO2 emissions

Choose a free slot to talk

BikeBox explained

by Christine Collins
Co-founder of circular logistics and designer of the BikeBox.

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