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Revolutionizing bike logistics:
The innovative & sustainable BikeBox
Say goodbye to pollution & waste and 'Hello' to a greener future with our circular logistic solution for the transport of bicycles. Our BikeBoxes are lightweight, durable and quick and easily foldable to a small size.  
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BikeBox explained

by Christine Collins
Co-founder of circular logistics and designer of the BikeBox.

What we do
We are a green logistics solution that - through the properties of our transport box - is reducing 80% CO2 emissions and 95% of waste.

Our lightweight BikeBox folds to 1/8th of its size and can therefore be returned by any parcel service within the maximum allowed girth size.

The Box is designed to withstand a cycle of 30 uses before being recycled into a new BikeBox. Already after the third cycle - CO2 emissions are saved and waste is reduced in comparison to the use of single-use cardboard boxes.

The comparison of CO2 emissions between single-use cardboard boxes and our reusable BikeBoxes shows a reduction of 80%.

Our circular system works like this

The box circulates 30 times 

 It gets sent back to us

It gets fully recycled

And starts its journey again

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Two ways to use this system


by circular logistics

Nothing much changes to your existing logistics. Instead of packing your bikes into cardboard boxes, you use out BikeBoxes and send these to your client.

From here we take over. As soon as the bike is removed from the box, we collect and return the folded BikeBox back to your packing facility. Damaged boxes get repaired or replaced.

Your benefit? You only pay when the boxes are being used.

Box purchase

for in-house logistics

You use our BikeBoxes and implement these into your own logistics services including return logistics from your client.

Your bikes will be transported in a safer and lighter way. Packaging times are shorter and the boxes are easier to handle. 

With your optional logo, design and colour you will be able to present your efforts for a sustainable future.

Leading the change for a greener future

"After years of accepting single-use packaging with millions of trees being cut every year, it’s time to build a new model of transporting bikes."

Matthias Höfer - CEO circular logistics

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