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Rethink bike transport.
The future of sustainable bike logistics.
Revolutionize your delivery system with our innovative and environmentally friendly delivery box.
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Our BikeBoxes can be folded into 1/8th of its original size. A quick and easy folding system guarantees time saving and maximises storage space. 
The durable material and foldable design allow for 30 uses. Once the box reached its ‘end-of-life’ - the material gets 100% recycled and fabricated into new boxes. 
Upgrade your bike transportation game with high-quality BikeBoxes and experience the benefits of improved protection against damage and moisture.
Our assortment
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The compact and flexible BikeBox for small bikes - perfect for hassle-free shipping.
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The sustainable and innovative e-BikeBox reduces your carbon footprint and enhances the shipping experience for you and your customers
Maxi Box-lowRes.png
The heavy-duty E- BikeBox provides maximum protection for larger bikes that need to be shipped fully assembled. 
Customize your own BikeBox
Create your personalized experience and showcase your brand with our customizable BikeBoxes, tailored with your unique logo, colour and custom design!
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