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It's time to say "goodbye" to unneccessary stress when attending bike Expos.  

With our durable and foldable BikeBoxes you won't ever need to worry again about packing bikes into broken, messed up or wet cardboard boxes. 


The BikeBox  is the ideal packaging solution to transport bikes safely to and from any event around the world – not once, but over and over again. And the best is - once the bike is out of the box - the box can be folded to 20% of its original size and stored conveniently in any small space. 


2 different sizes available:

X Large for fully assembled E-bikes: 202 x 122 x 24cm

Large for MTB & Gravelbikes: 185 x 110 x 25

The BikeBox is made in Germany from waterproof TRIPLEX sheeting, which makes this box extremely durable and resilient and keeps your bike safe under any circumstances. TRIPLEX is a waterproof honeycomb structured material – which is strong in all directions and the lighter colour does not absorb the heat when placed in a sun exposed environment. 



BikeBox PRO

SKU: BBT-001
€385.00 Regular Price
€250.00Sale Price
Excluding VAT
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