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Go green with our circular bike logistics solution.

An efficient, cost-effective and sustainable logistic solution for your environmentally conscious delivery needs.

How it works


Our delivery boxes, called BikeBoxes, are used to transport bikes. They are designed to be durable and secure, ensuring that your bikes arrive safely to their destination.


The folded BikeBox is then made available for the next delivery to use, creating a closed-loop system that minimizes waste and maximizes efficiency. This system is faster and more efficient than traditional delivery methods, reducing delivery times and increasing customer satisfaction

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Nothing changes.

Once your bike is packed into one of our tracked BikeBoxes you use your own transport logistics to take the bike to its destination. 
Circular logistics provide the return label that the receiver applies to the box for the automated return journey. 

Fold & Pick up

Once the delivery is made, the receiver can easily fold the BikeBox in seconds and return it to a nearby parcel service station or hand it over to the next delivery partner. By utilizing this simple and efficient return process, we promote environmental sustainability and minimize waste.

The Breakeven in carbon footprint occurs after the third use already.


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Increase packaging times

Eliminate recycling depot trips

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​Less storing of empty boxes

No required space for recycling skips

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Reduce upfront investment costs

Reduce risk of damage

Save single-use packaging taxes

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